Soul Star – The Key to New Beginnings.

In order to bring into this very physical reality a new beginning we must just let go. Let go of the patterns and beliefs that hinder our movement forward in life and learn to take risks.  

I set an intention in the 90s to manifest a vision that I saw in my dreams. I realized recently that I am now walking in a tunnel of light. It is a tunnel of transformation.  At the other side of the tunnel is the New Beginning.

In order to have a new beginning we must have goals, and a dream that serves humanity as I have mentioned before. In my dreams there were key people that stood out who would meet me on my path in life. They are now showing up.

The path can be challenging if there fails to be continuous movement or if there seems to be no end in sight to that vision of the new beginning.   Movement forward can represent the subtlest of things happening. Many people say that the most important thing is to enjoy the journey along the way to our goals.

In truth we are not going to enjoy every part of the journey to our goal. What happens when we reach our goal? Is that the end? New beginnings are occurring all the time.

New life patterns are needed to have the new beginning all around us. I have realized that when looking at creating a new life pattern we must step into a new arena for doing so.

That arena is invisible or what some would call intangible. There is a tendency in our world to look at new physical actions as being the key to having a new life. New actions involve making new horizontal/outer contacts and hence new opportunities.

That is one half of the equation. We must also operate vertically.  When we operate vertically we bring in higher aspects of ourselves.  Above us is an energy center called the  “Soul Star”

There is a treasure chest of talents and abilities to be downloaded from our Soul if we but look up to bring down and through our human forms our Soul Light Design.

This is when New Beginnings take shape in this world.  Recently I heard someone mention that they would rather have half rather than nothing in relationship.  I wondered if they did not have any concept of what “wholeness” is.

We can just be creating new people and opportunities in our world that look like a new beginning yet be regurgitating old toxic patterns that will eventually reveal themselves through our health and relationships.

The Soul Star Gateway opens a direct experience of wholeness and new beginnings if we are willing to discover what is there to explore.

Wholeness comes when we have our tangible human form willing to integrate our intangible Soul light body through the gateway of our Soul Star.

We take the reigns of evolution in our hands in a New World with New Beginnings.  

Let’s walk in wholeness.

In gratitude,


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I Am Love

The 3rd Chapter of my book is titled: I Am Love

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The Feminine Principle

In woman and man there is a divine plan.

We choose a road to go with parents we already know.

They serve to bring us a body we need to survive on a planet we agreed to

co-create a new foundation that defies the current norm.

The feminine principle births outside the status quo

with a design so sublime in perfect time with a Universal Light design.

Unfortunately there’s a gap between what people see as fact and

what the higher universal laws reveal.

There is an appeal to be real.

That’s where the challenges begin

because in the early years 

The Feminine Principle begins to be feared, rather than revered.

The systems that seek to control are stumbling

as the rift between men and women shifts.

The Feminine Principle deepens in the heart of humanity.

The insanity here brings the necessity of love from above

to dive in to a new beginnings.

The Feminine Principle has the rules with the new tools

for balance and wholeness, the goal.  

The Feminine Principle makes everything simple.

Divine Love gets wings with the Butterflies effect in full swing.


The feminine principle brings the divine plan, an energetic signature that is unique to each one of us that best serves the evolution for what is here.  With the feminine principle integrated in a balanced marriage with the male principle we create a new foundation for how we participate in relationships. We create soul mate relationships and the Twin Flame Relationship has an opportunity to manifest in a very big way that uplifts the whole of the Human existence here on Earth.  With the feminine principle integrated with our human self we take back our true empowerment that speaks from the heart. This transmutes the old paradigm of disconnection that we learned to participate in when we entered the education system and other organizations that are predominantly patriarchal in nature. For a while there will be chaos as this is a transitional time of adjusting to new ways of being.

A multi-dimensional reality is birthed with the marriage of the male and female principles in our lives. Our Soul faculties are awakening a new way of being that recognizes that we are interconnected with everything both seen and yet to be seen. We learn to see through many dimensions and our thoughts manifest more quickly because our frequencies become higher and more impacting with the integration of our Soul Light Design.

Are you aware that you are more than your physical body senses, that you are also in relationship with others psychically, and communicating through more than the words you speak? There are aspects of you that operate independently of your outer physical body.

In a world where the feminine principle is given equal credence with the male principle we have a world where heinous acts of childhood sexual abuse and wars would be non- existent.  We currently focus on what is seen as tangible (the male principle) and what is seen as intangible (the feminine principle) is feared.  This is because with the full integration of the feminine principle we can no longer get away with anything.

Accompanying the social media exposure of misdeeds is the exposure of the more hidden realms of discordant energies as well.  For all manifestations in the outer appearance reality there are patterns already in existence in the currently invisible realms.  This is why with the integration of the feminine principle in both men and women nothing can be hidden any more.   When people say the veils are lifted what they are really saying is that the Feminine principle is in partnership with the male principle within us as individuals.

Then genius is seen as the norm. Great works are celebrated. Involution and evolution are occurring at the same time. The result is that pockets of “Light” communities will increasingly pop up across the globe while much is in decay. Some beings will traverse many dimensions are they are able to adjust their frequencies to serve the transformation on the planet.  People waking up will be able to see what has been previously been seen as intangible like thought forms and higher and lower vibrational beings that co exist with the humans on the planet. 

The Feminine Principle brings the spiritual tools necessary in order to do so. 

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Thanks for stopping by,

Blessings on your journey of awakening,


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Peak Fear: A Place of Disconnection

Upon reflection I remember when I reached the Peak.

Backed into a corner I had no where else to go.

I had to grow.

My exterior felt inferior. 

My hands were cold and my feet were like bricks

bound from a past I felt I could not run from.

I had a child inside that was scared

looking for what she didn’t receive because there was no one there to give

something to hold onto to feel safe in an environment of anger and chaos.

A false sense of security was built along with a false identity 

in  reaction to guilt, shame and a lot of pain

heaped on from people who couldn’t do anything but complain and blame.

My child inside had felt a need to hide.

Deep within she just was not going to give up.

A tiny spark remained lit and she thought she’d have to wait a bit,

because she knew before she came, there would be dangerous terrain.

The isolation at the peak had her feeling like a disconnected freak.

From deep within the mountain of fear, a rumbling began

building, until everything became pressurized.

That tiny spark she held fast, to her heart, began to glare.

As her heart was broken open the heat of her soul fire flared up

                                                   blazing forward victoriously. 

                       With angels around lava rock turned into molten gold

flowing down a body quaking

with new pathways awakening.

Sparks began to fly as the eruption was allowed to abide.

Receiving a crown the walls came tumbling down.

Stepping out from the rubble of the past

she began building a foundation that would last.

When there is chaos and fear in an environment there are coping mechanisms that are created for survival yet our core essence is always there even though it gets covered over by dysfunctional energetic behaviour patterns.  If there is a desire to grow and to “do your thing” everything is there to support that desire. When I had the experience of spiritual awakening I had thought that I was in service yet those patterns tugged at me through my body that was shaped by the dysfunctional beliefs imposed on me as a child.

The core essence of us always knows the Higher Truth though. If we hold onto that Higher Truth of Knowing we will always create a way through any challenging circumstances. Those dysfunctional fear patterns begin to fall away. There is always help even if we cannot physically see anybody there with us. There are legions of Omnipresent Light Beings that are there to assist us until we can make it on our own. There is always hope. Then we are truly liberated to co – create with others in our outer reality from a place of wholeness.

These are some of my articles on for further reading:

with love and gratitude,


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Receiving the Vision

Receiving the Vision

What is your big life picture?

Do you know who you are and what you are to become?

Do you live with passion and purpose or curses?

If anything is out of balance,

if you’ve had a crash or a fall then it’s time to dissolve a wall.

See what’s on the other side.

There’s a vision that’s true, invisible until

the call is made to a Higher Presence that knows it all.

Asking is the key: Why am I here?

What is my big vivid vision?

Signs pop up and next steps are just there before you.

Even dollar figures appear that will trigger

the reason to have money beyond one’s own material needs.

In the authentic movie clip for one’s life trip

we can be doing things that we currently think are impossible.

While taking the hand of the child inside there’s growth, risk taking,

following hunches, and rolling with the punches.

Receiving the Vision means diving into a win – win

with a Soul that is glowing gold.

©Linda D Sajiw, March 31st, 2013

When a vision comes from our Soul it will come in pictures and symbols that have specific meaning to us.  Those places we are drawn to go to will pull us to them. Ideas will just pop into awareness that feel right. Reflect and meditate on receiving the big picture.  Ask your Higher Self and guides of Light to make everything very obvious to you.

When I made that call for my next step in my big vision I began finding pens everywhere I went. In my visions and dreams I saw myself in a future time speaking from a stage. I had a book and a partner at times on the stage with me.

In the book I am writing I share more of my experiences and give tips for integrating and implementing your Soul’s vision into your life.

If you would like to know more about the book I am writing you can follow me on this blog and sign my contact form on my site:

©Linda D Sajiw, April 3rd, 2013.


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When a Soul Has Something Else in Mind

When a Soul has something else in mind you’ll be apt to find

sudden change, spurts of growth,

and lives turned upside down

There’ll be twists, turns and always something new to learn.

Some people may leave.

A house may burn.

The Earth may shake.

There’s always a reason                                          

when catastrophes are in season.                                  

False identities need to be broken down

for new perceptions to be found.

A Soul’s Love and Joy has a purpose quite profound

to weave with grace a sound way to interface with all Beings.

Fear and separation bind.

When a Soul has something else in mind

Humankind benefits.

Everything is exposed.

Pretty masks crack in favour of showing a new face 

with natural beauty’s glow

Soul fusion strips confusion.

New systems are built connected to a dynamic partner

called Earth.  

Soul fire races across the planet.   

A Universal Light brings balance, harmony and flow.

The unseen is seen through the full light spectrum of Love      

As systems collapse out of the cinders of the past

a new world forms.

The die is cast.

When a Soul has something else in mind 

there’s no going back

Let the golden orbs go do their thing.

Souls set free bring victory to multi-dimensionality.

It’s time to glow

Let the Light show.

© Linda D Sajiw, March 31st, 2013.

In a world of chaos it is time to make the relationship with yourself more important.  What is that self though? It is the Higher Self, your Soul essence that is unconditional Love.  We can get away from that true love way of being at a very young age.

We are asked to participate in organizations that ask us to adapt to somebody else’s program for who they think we are and what they think we should be doing.  We tend to go off center from our core essence which is more than this life time. This life time only gives us half of what we are about and that is from the very limited perspective of the ego.

Someone said to me recently that they didn’t want to be a leader. My response was they if they were truly fulfilling their purpose that comes from their Soul they were a natural born leader with many talents to share with others.  Being a leader means offering up your Soul’s design for this lifetime that does not necessarily mean you are a leader of a big organization. It means that in your every day activities you come from your authentic self that has a unique voice that will touch others.

Our purpose is more than just a job we learn how to do from someone else. This is why there are sudden changes in these chaotic times.  Sometimes life can get quite choppy. That is only a reflection of the disconnection from the full expression of the Soul.

In order to fully live the intention of our Soul we must be able to receive the big vivid vision for our lives and make our way out into the world from that perspective.

Continuing with that theme here is a link to my latest poem on

Here’s to changing our minds to align with the Divine!

with love and blessings,


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Spring into bloom


Let your Heart make room for new ideas to bloom.

It’s Spring!

Put on your gardening gloves.

Build a new foundation out of Love.

Put into the compost any doubts.

Plant new seeds.

Sprout a wealth of wisdom from the Trees.

Let the nature spirits dance

and work their magic in your field

of second chances.

Prune the bushes of consciousness

that cease to serve the birthright you deserve.

Let the bees in to pollinate your vision.

Give yourself permission to grow,

more and more and more till your life flowers

with your hidden power’s rooted, solid and firm.

Let streams of serenity flood your memories

with a new view that’ll shower you

with a treasure trove of gifts to

share with others.

Dare to step out with your unique voice.

Walk a sacred path much like

a yellow brick road

mentioned in a story boldly told.

Put on your favourite shoes.

Go create some extraordinary moves.

Dance to a new tune that will inspire others to agree

to take quick steps to create a

safe, secure and free global community.

Men and Women can walk as equals with liberty

as co-creative partners

with a Heavenly body of Earth.

Let’s celebrate this birth!

It starts with individuals like you and me

getting ourselves free.

Let’s agree!

From sea to shining sea, across all continents,

to the depths of the oceans there’s an energy in motion.


Freedom is a possibility.

Peace can be the norm.

Hold the vision in your heart to weather every storm.

©Linda D Sajiw, March 29th, 2013.

Spring is here wherever we need it to be even in the biggest of storms.   Cycles happen in our lives where some people and situations die and new beginnings open up for us. If we want to consciously walk our path in life with passion and purpose then we will not let any situation get us down.  We can weather any storm in the heat of the moment transforming ourselves, and, situations when we have a vision that comes from our Soul to serve the greater whole of what is here on the planet.

There is the Butterfly Effect which basically states that a butterfly flapping it’s wings in one part of the planet can affect the weather patterns on another part of the globe. A more detailed explanation is here:

Well the same thing happens when we get our ego personality cooperating with our Soul to transform any dysfunctional patterns we have that hinder the process of evolution. We make waves when our stuck thoughts and emotions are transmuted into a higher vibration. That vibration goes out to everybody else on the planet.

Throughout this month of April I will be participating in a poetry challenge put forth by the editors of a website that I write poetry and articles on. I will be posting poetry on my blog here related to the material in the book I am writing.

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Have an awesome blooming time!

with love,


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Celebrating International Women’s Day

National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies

Votes for Mothers

They tell you ‘The Woman’s Place is the Home’. Well, if you had votes you might have better homes; and if you had better homes your children would have a better chance.”

This statement is taken from a newspaper article that was published in the UK as the fight for women’s right to vote was on in the early 1900s.  I found it online after watching the movie “Iron Jawed Angels” starring Hilary Swank and Angelica Huston.

The movie is based on the story of what Alice Paul and the other women, that were called suffragettes, went through to gain the vote for all of women in the U.S. It is a good movie to watch that shows very clearly the split between the masculine and feminine principles of life and the split between men and women that is the result. There were even clashes between different factions of women going for the same result: a vote for all women.

Gaining the vote for women was a gradual process. It was only after the goings on behind the scenes (of what Alice Paul experienced in prison after being unjustly charged) being exposed via newspaper articles that the final shove to have the vote for the whole country of women was made.

The 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, was ratified on August 18th, 1920 as the state of Tennessee voted to ratify the amendment. Then it was August 26th, 1920 when the vote was certified by a government composed of men making the right to vote for women official across the country.

Someone once said to me that women’s power is hidden and is less about having to have a voice in the world. The influence of women has a good portion of the time been behind the scenes influencing their partner or sons to take a particular action just as another segment of the article I mentioned talks about:

“That is why mothers want votes. For then they could send men to Parliament who would say: ‘We have had enough of this wholesale slaughter of innocent babies. We will insist on healthy homes for the people, so that the babies may live and thrive’.

Mothers, it could be done. It will be done when you have power and use your power to send to Parliament, men who will talk less about women stopping at home and do more to see that women have decent homes to stop in. For the sake of the babies demand Votes for Mothers.”

As it turns out the deciding vote was said to come from Harry T. Burn who received a last minute note from his mom that was a supporter of the suffragists. He took off the red rose he wore in his lapel that represented an anti-suffragist stance and switched it for the yellow rose that showed support for the suffragists.

Here we are a hundred years later from when the battle for women’s right to vote was in full swing. Do all babies in the UK, or anywhere across the planet where women have the vote, live and thrive in healthy homes?  The answer is no.

This means we have much more work to do. On this day

 “International Women’s Day” let’s celebrate how far we have come and remember those women in our history.

They had active voices and endured much.  Their strength, courage and willingness to stand in a Higher Truth has paved the way for a more harmonious foundation to be laid on Earth. Without them we would not have the men that have come around to the feminine principle of life, which is necessary for balance.

Both women and men that are choosing equality are actually marrying themselves. They are making the feminine and masculine principles of life active within themselves and creating a new world.

They are the true feminists. Life is not always easy.

This quote from Mahatma Gandhi makes the point well:

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

Never Give Up! Keep on Keeping on.. Freedom and Liberation is the goal for all beings on Earth.

Blessed Be,

In gratitude,

Linda D Sajiw

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Are You a Half or a Whole Being?



I previously mentioned that we are often only operating from half of who we are. We have the spiritual, healer & psychic types that see things that others don’t. They are often seen as airy – fairy, and tend not to be taken seriously.

Very often they are seen as not doing anything because what they do is on an energetic level of being.

These people tend to have the upper energy centers called chakras open and quite active while the lower chakras are closed or functioning in a limited way.

Then there are those that don’t believe in that psychic stuff. To them everything is black & white & what you can physically see is the only reality. If they are religious people very often we go Heaven or Hell when we die depending how good or bad we were when we were physical.  There are those that have the focus of going home to God when we die. We are with God now as we embody our Goddessence.

If we are predominantly operating from the upper chakras & spiritually focused or predominantly from the lower chakras and more 3D physical we are in a fear- based reality & lack wholeness of being.

We shut down many parts of ourselves very often as children because someone of influence to us like a parent or someone from an organization we are involved with has told us not to believe what it is we know as part of our experience.

The person that sees things that others don’t is often told that it is just their imagination.

When someone comes out with something about a relative dying, a premonition about an earthquake or a warning to someone about taking a flight because they see something happening they are often met with skepticism.  How can you possibly know such things?

When the event actually happens the question of how the person knew that the event was going to happen comes to the forefront. In the case of murders some people have even been seen as involved with a death because they were able to read the energy of a person & had inside info on the killing.    

We are all psychic though.  We are all interconnected. How much or whether our psychic abilities are developed depends on how much we embody love and the Feminine Principle of life.   If we do not embody the Feminine Principle then those psychic abilities are mostly unconscious or used to manipulate others.

Many organizations cut off the Feminine Principle which is considered linked with intuition and feeling. Physical Being is separated from Spiritual Being. Even if we say we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience there is still a split in consciousness.  If we are truly being the Spiritual Beings that we are in a human form we are able to telepathically communicate with each other, our animals, and all that is here on Earth from a place of love.

When we operate from wholeness of being there fails to be any separation. We operate in Oneness yet we are unique individuals at the same time.

When we are split we may have a vision for who we are but are limited in how we manifest that vision.

In order to manifest the vision that comes from our Soul into this outer physical reality we must connect with the essence of who we are which is love.

That means all our chakras are functioning the way they were intended to. We let go of being predominantly right or left – brained and use our whole brain.

We certainly don’t need to use the amount of drugs that we do to heal physical dysfunction.  By integrating with the infinite love being we are with our human self we create spiritual intimacy that can be married with physical intimacy.  This means we become Love. Love heals…Love flows.

Well I have squeezed in some more of my message today.  I have commitments for the next few days that take me away from my writing here.  I leave you with something to ponder until my next posting:

There is a lot of talk of time management these days.  Really though the issue is about commitment management.  What are you committed to? Are you committed to fulfilling a purpose because it is why you incarnated here this lifetime or are you just doing everything because you are committed to a person that wants you to be a certain way?

When we truly love, our every action is aligned with our Soul’s commitment to serving a greater whole. From that place we attract Soul mates that are also Souls in Service in resonance with us.

We are then creating a situation where we have H.I.M in H.E.R.- Higher Intelligence Manifesting in Highly Evolved Relationship.™

The Twin Flame Relationship will lead….follow this link for my article on

 the Twin Flame Relationship:

May you step forward with purpose filled   Passion. That is Love in action!


Linda D




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Let’s Make Valentine’s Day a Victory Day!

Today – Valentine’s Day we celebrate the ones we love… specifically a significant intimate partner.

The ca-ching – ca-ching of cash registers can be heard as millions of roses, boxes of chocolate & cute &/or sexy little love gifts are sold everywhere to be given as expressions of our love for another.

Is this a V-Day for you? Are you giving a gift from your heart or are you giving a gift to someone because it is the thing to do to get or keep someone with you. If it is a sincere expression from your heart without attachment then you are having a V-Day! You are Victorious because True Love is always victorious! True Love is always without attachment.

What happens the rest of the year? Is love’s expression relegated to just this one day of the year or do you express your love everyday?  A key question to ask yourself is “Am I loving & honouring myself? If you are then you will be able to receive love that is true & give love that is authentic as well.

For those of you looking for love:

Sometimes when we feel like we recognize someone or they feel familiar to us this is because we have loved before in some other dimension of time & space. These connections are seen as soul mates. Recognizing someone you have loved before and knowing if you are to do the love dance for this lifetime takes being connected to who you are. Now the question is who are you anyway? (more on this later)

Sometimes we find someone that we think is the greatest thing since sliced bread & we think that this is the One. Then the person does or says something that shatters the view we have of who we think they could or should be to us. They just don’t measure up to the idealized thought forms we hold for what we think we want in a life partner.

We look for physical actions and words that fit a type we have in mind, an ideal.  Well if we are only looking at a person’s physical actions or words to define the character of a potential partner then we will forever go through a cycle of romance, power struggle and disappointment. We will rarely find true love relationship.

Then in order to have love last we have a whole smorgasbord of seminars for learning how to communicate in relationship & sexual practices to keep the passion fires burning long term.

Well when we get used to doing these techniques to maintain a relationship there will always be an imbalance somewhere in the relationship.  This is because these techniques teach us how to act loving.  We learn how to maintain a relationship between 2 personalities. Acting loving is far different than being love in action.

Love is who you are!

Some of the ways imbalances show up in relationships are in weight gain, substance abuse, sex drives not matching even if they did in the beginning of the relationship, and one or the other person in relationship being more work focused or more driven in other areas of their life with little interest from their partner.

That is not to say that a partner has to be exactly like us and like everything we like. One of my clients is fond of saying that you can tell when a couple is together – together & when they are not. What she is seeing is when 2 people are soul aligned and fulfilling their purpose for the relationship & as individuals serving up their unique purpose to the greater whole of Humanity

These days we hear about the stats of how over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Even if a couple is married for decades imbalances manifest in the relationship. When we learn to live from only half of who we are the result will always be a breakdown of relationship. We are seeing this all across the globe the break down of marriages and relationships in all areas of our life.

We are also seeing the building of new foundations in relationship.  Foundations built by people that have married themselves first before choosing a partner. I will be writing more on how to do in that this love focused month of February. We don’t need to do Romance in order to get to Love we just have to be who we are which is Love!

Here are some more links to other articles I have written to tide you over until my next posting:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let’s carry that True Love energy forward &

 Make everyday a Victory Day, & every encounter a Love Victory

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